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florida, we'll see the s.w.a.t. team surround a toy pony that looks suspicious. ever go out to a nice dinner when you are seated next to a pre-k class? >> you like that? >> it's always me. i'm sitting next to -- oh no. the kids are running around the table. >> i've never run into that. it must be a problem at that restaurant. we'll have to get the details. >> people are screaming at the weather center. >> because it's been so nice. meteorologist lynette charles. >> the temperature at 91 degrees. we broke the 90s once again. with that, that put us 55th day of the 90s or better. we broke a record that was set in 1988, which was 54 days then. warm again today ahead of the front. but then the front passes through as we go through the
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evening hours, and we'll feel fall-like temperatures for tomorrow and also friday. also we're dealing with very windy and dry conditions behind the front. that's why we have a fire watch and red flag warning in effect once again. here it is. you can see this beige color, this neutral color goes in effect 10 a.m. through this afternoon. this is your fire watch. we have red flag warnings there in the pinkish color. definitely no burning, no outdoor burning, no throwing your cigarette butts out the window today because it's very dangerous outside in these areas. as we check out maryland's most powerful radar, yes, we have a few showers popping up, but mainly you can see them to south of stevens city. to the south of baltimore as of now. winchester, front royal, that area as well, even to mount jackson. further to south you go today, this morning, that's where you'll see showers. still not ruling out a shower to pop up in the later morning
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hours. we'll be monitoring maryland's most powerful radar for you. >> we're off to a mostly quiet start around the area roadways. no problems around 695 or 95 corridor. however, we're working a single- car crash eastbound route 100 at executive park drive. as we look at the cameras, it's going to be quiet on the jfx, no problems northbound or southbound. coldspring lane, traffic is still light, moving around the city. we did have another accident reported eastbound on the bay bridge, debris was blocking the right lane. that's been cleared. jamie, back to you. >> 5:32. the president plans to roll out his plan for the economy. the president will be working to reverse his party's popularity problems, but that's a tall order with only eight weeks until the midterm elections. emily schmidt is in washington with the latest. >> reporter: today in cleveland, it's round two. president obama heads to the buckeye state to outline his
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new plans for a fix. >> this isn't about the next 60 days or the next 90 days. this is about how do we get our economy fully back on track. >> reporter: the announcement comes in the same city where two weeks john boehner described his plan and called on the president to fire his entire economic team. >> we tried 19 months of government as community organizer, it hasn't worked. our fresh start needs to begin now. >> reporter: president obama's proposals will include billions of dollars of tax incentives, businesses could write off equipment, on top of $50 billion in infrastructure spending. the plans need the support of congress, and midterm election voters. >> president obama is doing a terrible job at handling the economy. >> reporter: in an abc news "washington post" poll, 92% of
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americans say the economy is in bad shape, and say the president made it worse. just 32% believe republican proposals would make things better. >> what we're seeing is a revolt against the status quo, it's all about the economy. >> reporter: today president obama will support keeping bush tax cuts in place for couples making less than $250,000 a year. those cuts would expire at the end of the year, for those making more. emily schmidt, abc news, washington. time is 5:34. some really scary moments for passengers after a bomb threat is made on a plane headed from bangkok to los angeles. that flight was carrying more than 200 passengers and crew members on board. it was able to land safely last night in los angeles. the jet was taken to a remote area of the airport where passengers exited the plane. authorities say the bomb threat was written in poorly worded english, spotted in the
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bathroom mirror on the plane. 5:35. who is afraid of the big bad stuffed pony? it was left out there and a member of the bomb squad walking up to it. somebody at the florida school decided the toy was suspicious. the school went on lockdown. the bomb squad blew up the toy which was quickly determined to have not been a threat. most parents tell you it's not easy flying with little ones. up until the age of 2 they are allowed to sit on a passenger's lap but the national transportation safety board wants the faa to change that. >> in my seat belt with me, and i could wrap my arms around him in figure happened. >> if the plane goes down, i don't think it's going to be a big deal. >> the faa has always said a rule change could force more
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parents to drive instead of fly. transportation experts say statistically driving is not as safe as flying. are you telling us everything? no. it's going to cost you more for that morning jolt of coffee. increased demand and two rough growing seasons pushed coffee prices up. they are about $1.90 a pound, a 13-year high, 41% hike since june. >> burger king is adding nine new items including pancakes and blueberry biscuits to cut into mcdonald's business. we'll have to see whether that works. a wind-driven fire is getting bigger. >> land scorched, houses destroyed, people forced to flee. >> a stolen car hits a mother and two children, it's caught on tape. >> let's head over to the m.t.a. to see how the traffic is moving this morning with the m.t.a. >> good morning. looking good on the rails. no delays on the penn, camden
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or brunswick line. light rail on schedule. on the buses, delays on the 30 and 35 buses running 15 to 20 minutes late. and the diverses on 44 bus, 35, look for the 27 bus diverting at pratt and paca due to construction. twizzlers. the twist you can't resist.
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authorities say the fire that's burning northwest of boulder, colorado, is growing. flames scorched more than 7,000 acres and destroyed more than 90 structures. that includes dozens of homes. more than 3500 people have fled the area. officials now say it will be at least two days before anyone is allowed to return to their homes. >> we go to detroit and see another fire here, sparked by strong winds. they burned at least two dozen homes in three neighborhoods. no injuries have been reported. authorities believe the fires may have begun when dead tree limbs fell across power lines. good morning. yes, we have some dry conditions out there.
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we have a fire watch, red flag warnings across our area. we do have some wet weather as we check out maryland's most powerful radar. you can't see it, so let me zoom in for you. it's back just to the south of winchester here. you can see this little cell, a few showers now trying to work their way off towards the east. you can see it to the south at this time. if your travels take you in this area, be prepared for that. you can also see them back to the south of front royal. this is what's going to continue as we go through the morning hours, very light in nature and moving quickly. let's send this over to kim brown with your traffic. >> good morning. traffic-wise we're looking good. no problems us a come down the 83 stretch, headed towards 695 traffic moving at a nice pace. one incident, as we look at the drive times, no problems northbound 95 from route 100 to 395, 29 runs well as does the beltway.
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one accident eastbound route 100 at executive park drive, police remain on the scene, no lanes are blocked at this time. linda so has the latest details on one of our top stories. >> police in howard county have a mystery on their hands. i'm linda so. the many questions surrounding an apartment fire in columbia that left one woman dead. parents are fed up with overcrowding at one baltimore county school. i'm sherrie johnson, coming up find out what's being done about that problem. what's that? oh, see, this is the back to school list. the cost always makes mom freak.
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it's an awful thing to watch someone's home go up in flames, even worse when you learn there was somebody inside who never made it out. that's what neighbors in columbia are dealing with after a victim was discovered. linda so is here to tell us there are two investigations surrounding this fire. >> reporter: the first investigation, police want to know how the fire started, also how the woman died because they say her injuries were not related to the fire. a man who was also found inside the burning apartment with critical injuries, but his injuries were not due to the fire. the victim's mother told us off camera her daughter divorced the man but he became homeless and she was helping him temporarily. she said he has a history of a bad temper. the woman had four children
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ranging from high school to as young as 6. the man, we're told, is the father of the youngest child. the fire broke out yesterday afternoon in the 6000 block of majors lane in the jeffers hill community in columbia. a neighborhood called 911 after seeing heavy smoke and fire coming from the third floor apartment. none of the children were inside the apartment when the fire started. now they are left to more than the loss of their mother. >> she loved her kids. her kids were her world. just to see him sobbing like that, to know he doesn't have a mother, oh! sad. >> they are both believed to be in their 30s. the man was in critical condition at shock trauma. the red cross is helping nine families displaced by the fire. in the studio, linda so, abc 2 news. a marine from randallstown has been killed in afghanistan.
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local newspapers report the 25- year-old chris valley died on sunday after being wounded by an ied while riding in a vehicle. he enlisted in the marines in 2003 when he was just 17 years old. valley served three tours of duty in iraq. word this morning of two more heat-related deaths in maryland. that brings the total this year alone to 28. state health officials say the victims were an adult from dorchester county with serious medical condition and a senior citizen from baltimore dealing with heart disease. >> didn't we argue about this last year, overcrowded schools? parents love the school but eight trailers? sherrie johnson is live with part 2 of the multi-part problem. >> reporter: good morning. parents are saying enough already. they love this school building, hampton elementary, but they say it needs an addition to prevent overcrowding and get the children out of the trailers. parents say construction should have already started, but it
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hasn't. they are not happy about it. the school is designed for 300 students, it opened last week with more than 500. it has eight trailers, four on each side, to help with overcrowding. hampton's pta president said every fourth and fifth grader will be in a trailer. parents are happy with the old building, they just would like it to be bigger. county officials say a countywide referendum is needed before financing for the addition can be approved. >> there's no construction starting because we didn't get the funding. parents were shocked. >> with an over-capacity of over 300 students, the county cannot work time lapses for the planned additions. >> reporter: if that referendum is approved by voters in november, construction could start by next year. reporting live in lutherville,
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sherrie johnson, abc 2 news. good morning, everyone. if you didn't like yesterday, because it was too hot, i have relief for you in the forecast. check out these numbers, as of now. yes, we should be at 59 degrees now. yeah, in the 50s for this time of the year, and our high should be around 81 degrees. the record was set in 1962 on this day of 47 degrees, and we hit the century point back in 1939. luckily, we're not going to see that today. you know, we could get into the 90s ahead of the cold front just like we did yesterday. check it out. 91 degrees. yes, it was a hot one. the 55th day of 90s, we broke a record. 90 into york yesterday. 93 hagerstown. check out winchester and charlottesville, 95, 94. satellite radar, yes, relief in the form of a cold front. behind the cold front we have
5:50 am
cool, dry air. heat of the cold front we have showers trying to pop up across the area, and move in. mainly right now it's all into west virginia and also into portions of virginia as of now. we can see a couple pop up as we go through the day into our area, the front will pass and things will improve. in the meantime, this is the big view. this is tropical depression hermine pushing the rain and flooding into northern and central texas and this will move into oklahoma and also into kansas as we go through the next several days. thursday looks good. showing now a few clouds across the area but i think that we'll see plenty of sunshine as we go into tomorrow and also into friday. don't let that model fool you. as we check out what's going on in terms of temperatures today, 87 degrees is what i'm forecasting. we could reach 90 maybe into baltimore, bwi. we could see warm conditions and windy. that's the big story for today as well. then tonight, oh boy do we drop off after the front passage,
5:51 am
clear and cooler. as we roll into tomorrow, ah, breathe! 78 degrees, mostly sunny and pleasant. i like this forecast. do you, kim brown? >> that looks awesome. it's still warm enough to go swimming so we should try to take advantage for as long as we can before it starts to get cold. in the meantime 95 is looking good. no problems southbound from havre de grace, level road towards the tunnels, a little bit minor congestion towards the fort mchenry tunnel but not a lot. the drive times on the outer loop, west side looking good from 795 to 70. that's a 5-minute ride. 95 looking good, 3 minutes from white marsh boulevard to the beltway. no problems on the harbor tunnel thruway, 6 minutes southbound between the split down to 295. let's look at the bw parkway, 295 in jessup, no delays towards the capitol beltway and in towards d.c. stay with us. we do have more of "good
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morning maryland" coming back after this. [ male announcer ] antiques can be nice. but you wouldn't want an antique computer. or an antique tv. ♪ or an antique remote control. so why are you still using an antique cable network created in 1948
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secretary of state hilary clinton has joined the growing chorus of those warning against
5:55 am
a planned koran burning on september 11th by a small florida church. >> i am heartened by the clear unequivocal condemnation of this disrespectful, disgraceful act that has come from american religious leaders of all faiths. >> it's rare we hear military officials come out on things like this but u.s. commanders in afghanistan warned the planned burning of the koran would put american troops at greater risk. despite that plea by general david petraeus, the pastor of the church tells abc news he still plans to go through with the demonstration. in chicago two adults and two kids are hit and dragged by a stolen car and it's all caught on tape. darlene williams, her two children, and a friend were leaving a store when police say a car slammed into them. the car then hit a parked car before crashing into a building. two suspects in the car ran
5:56 am
off, all four victims survived. however, darlene's 11-year-old daughter is in critical condition this morning. check this out. you know what? i think this is going to be a hot topic at 9:00. you know why? a restaurant in north carolina posted this sign warning customers that screaming children will not be tolerated. many diners like the policy, but some don't, like this couple whose baby started to cry while they debated the policy with the owner. >> i mean, he cries like that, other kids cry. >> that's a crying baby. it's a screaming child. >> he does that. >> well, the owner says even if your child gets loud, all she's asking is parents take them outside until they calm down and then come back in and eat. tough love. >> you love this one. >> i love it. >> some women are having a hard time carrying their own babies. >> linda so tell us how others are coming to their house and bringing some joy into their
5:57 am
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call for details. the switch to chevy starts at fire plus. we're looking at every angle of the fire in columbia. linda so has the latest. we lost a marine in afghanistan from randallstown. he was due to come home and marry the love of his life. give me some room? baltimore county schools are busting at the seams, and it's a growing problem. i'm jamie costello. >> i'm megan pringle. thanks for joining us on this wednesday morning, middle of the week. >> yeah, all right. lynette charles says we're going to warm it up again maybe. >> breaking records. >> oh, yes, you're right. we're going to warm up ahead of the front. we broke records yesterday because we hit the 55th day of the 90s, yes, we broke

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